Audio Excerpt from Before The Last All Clear

book cover - before the last all clear by Ray EvansGarry Nichols is a native of Llanelli, he taught drama at the local high school and in fact taught the daughters of Eiuan Williams, Ray’s ‘foster brother’ from his last and happiest billet where he was finally treated as family.

Garry graciously agreed to read an excerpt from the book at a presentation held at the Llanelli Regional Library to celebrate the book being voted the #1 Reader’s Choice Award in the Welsh Book Council’s Wales Reads campaign in 2008. The award is especially appreciated by Ray because it was based on votes submitted by readers.

The excerpt is short but Garry’s expert reading of it really brings the event to life.
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Before The Last All Clear #1 Readers Choice - Welsh National Year of Reading program.

#1 Readers Choice – Welsh National year of reading program

Year of Reading 2008 - #1 Readers Choice - English Language